Desert Dome and Kingdoms of the Night - Henry Doorly Zoo

Major zoo exhibit which houses varying desert environments, swamp and nocturnal exhibits under one glazed dome including animal displays, animal housing and keeper spaces required to operate the facility.


  • 13 stories tall and 137 feet above the main level
  • 84,000 square feet on 2 levels
  • 230 foot diameter dome for exhibits
  • Over 300 tons of red sand
  • Over 500,000 pounds of steel reinforcement and 10,000 tons of concrete
  • 30 foot tall sand dune and 55 foot tall central mountain
  • Humming bird canyon, Saguaro cactus forest, Kuiseb canyon oasis, Matterhorn of Africa, Wave Rock, Arroyo, Desert cave and Uluru or Ayers Rock
  • The World’s Largest Glazed Geodesic Dome with 1,760 acrylic panels in 4 different shades for maximum use of sunlight and climate control
  • 75 animal species, 54 reptile species and 8 bat species





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