Zoo Projects

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  • Durham Treetop Restaurant – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Bear Canyon – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Giraffe Complex – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • I-Max Theater – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Monkey House – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Aviary – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Garden Of The Senses – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Necropsy Building – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Orangutan Building – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Wild Kingdom Pavilion – Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Wildlife Safari Park – Ashland, Nebraska
  • Gibbon Building – Niabi Zoo - Coal Valley, Illinois
  • Tropical Pavilion – Niabi Zoo - Coal Valley, Illinois
  • Primate Center – Sunset Zoo - Manhattan, Kansas

Desert Dome and
Kingdoms of the Night

Lied Jungle

Scott Kingdoms of
the Seas Aquarium

Hubbard Gorilla Valley

Conservation and
Research Building

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